About Us

Dr. Lalit Sharma and Dr. Poonam Sharma (We) graduated from Nagpur college of homeopathy in the year 1997. We have also completed additional certifications from leading institute such as Dr. Anil Nirlae – ICLS, Marium Zaveri from Tulip Cosmetology. Additionally, They have Obtained a course certificate from London.

At the initial phase, we started with one clinic in Mumbai, within 5 years of the initial phase, we were present all over in Mumbai with 5 clinics. In 2006, a reputed jeweler from Delhi invited us to start our work in Delhi and thereafter we never looked back. Today we have our presence in all the metro and upcoming metro cities, but yet we feel, sky is the limit. To know the cities of our presence.

Many of us have problems due to big ear lobes, hence unable to wear proper ear-rings. Sometimes you may also lose costly ear studs like diamonds because of this problem. Commonly used method to correct this defect is through surgery, which is laborious, time consuming and needs medications. Instead one can opt for ‘AUROPLASTY’- a novel, safe, economical, without stitches, reliable and permanent procedure.

We at Auroplasty clinic, have been successfully practicing ear hole/lobe repair treatment with 100% closing in one sitting with piercing of new hole, unlike other procedure where new piercing is done after 4-8 weeks.




Dr. Lalit Sharma, Dr. Poonam Sharma and their team have been successfully carrying out the procedure since 1997, throughout the country and thousands of patients have been benefited through it.


Explore the journey post-earlobe surgery: understand recovery timelines, expected results, and what to anticipate for a successful transformation.