Ear Lobe Repair in Gurgaon

You would be amazed to know that there is a lot to learn about the anatomy of the human ear. Most of us are only aware of how the basic function of our ear is to provide us the ability to hear. However, it also helps us to maintain our body balance so that we can move properly. This leads us to the fact that ears are quite delicate organs and can be harmed by fungal infection, physical injuries as well as something as common as a change in our usual environment. It is interesting to note that the problems arising due to the wear and tear of earholes are the most common type of issue especially among children and women. So, you should be quite careful in taking good care of both your inner as well as outer ear.

Let us discuss the ear holes in detail here which is done by us humans manually. The puncture or opening made deliberately, usually in the earlobes, is referred to as the earhole. We use our earholes for beautification purposes and make piercings to wear jewellery. In some cultures, it is imperative that women pierce their ears and not keep their ear holes devoid of jewellery. Nowadays, however, both men and women are interested in adorning themselves with earrings. When these earrings are worn for a long period, it usually results in an extension of the hole. If these ear-piercing holes become elongated, then it becomes very uncomfortable to wear ear jewellery anymore. The method to correct these widened piercings is called an earhole repair procedure.The safest way is to get your earhole repair done without any stitches and get a new hole instead.That is why the earhole repair clinic is your best bet since our procedure does not involve any stitches and can give a new hole at the same time.

Earhole repair in your city

If you are looking for the most effective earhole repair procedure, then you have come to the right place. The Earhole repair clinic has been operating in Gurgaon for 15 years now and we welcome everyone to experience our tried and tested non-surgical procedure yourself. You shall be in the safe hands of our highly renowned doctors and team of medical practitioners during your treatment here at our Gurgaon clinic.

• You get access to the expertise of our medical team who have a rich experience of around 2 decades in this field.• We have a high success rate in earhole repair procedures and thousands of our patients are a living testimony to that.
• We adopt the Auroplasty procedure which is the most safe procedure since it does not involve any stitches.
• Your earhole repair is done in one sitting and there is no need to come back to us if you follow our post-care instructions sincerely.
• On the same day, we will also be doing the piercing for the new hole in your ear, unlike other procedures where it is done after another 3 months or so.It goes without saying that the decision of the new piercing will depend upon your usage of the earhole and also on your skin type.Our doctors would do what is best for you.The new piercing would be done at a point which is slightly different from your earlier hole.
• We charge a nominal fee for our entire service which is not as costly as the other available options in the market.

Also, in conclusion, if you do not keep your earhole clean during the healing period and follow the post-care instructions of our team, then our clinic will not be held responsible for any complications that might arise later on.So,please ensure to listen to our medical team so that you heal perfectly and we shall look forward to you recommending us to your friends and family as well.