Ear Lobe Repair in Mumbai

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Your elongated hole is closed completely and we assure you that they will never open up & the thin closing line will also vanish gradually depending on your skin structure.

After opening the bandage, in case if you find the position of your new hole not according to your wish, kindly remove the ear-rings and get it re-pierced from us/ beautician/jeweler within a week. The previous hole will be closed on its own. Re-piercing can be done using same studs with no extra charges. At the same time it is extremely important for you to take care of the new hole.

Any problem that occur due to negligence of instruction specified by us, could lead to problems with the new hole and the clinic would not be held responsible for it. Improper cleaning can cause Boil/ Nodule Formation.

Earlobe surgery is a vital and precious cosmetic surgery to repair large ear holes. Have you imagined why your ear holes become big? Research and stats have revealed that 65% of women suffer from elongated ear lobes. Out of these, some met with accidental pulling, and the rest were due to fungal infection.

Wearing a single pair of earrings leads to troublesome leads to fungus and later causes elongation.

People are tempted to wear artificial earrings; a lack of awareness can elongate the hole.

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Lobe Augmentation in Mumbai

Auroplasty surgery, also known as cosmetic ear surgery, is result-driven and highly recommended for changing the shape and position of the ears. You might consider auroplasty if your ears stick out too far from your head portion, your ears are large and proportionate to your head, etc.

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Restored Ear Shape and Contour

Your concern is justified when you have earlobe issues, and at earhole repair under the best earlobe treatment doctor, you believe you have come to the right place for earlobe surgery. You have to explain your current health condition, and accordingly, the doctors will prepare and perform the best possible stretched ear lobe repair to address the issues you experienced previously. The doctor asks why you want to do auroplasty and what results you expect post-treatment. If you are a good candidate for Auroplasty, the earholerepair doctor suggests you take some steps before treatment.

It is pretty standard to have enlarged ear lobes. Due to that, people find it hard to wear proper earrings. So, some result-driven treatments are practiced, and you can visit the earholerepair to get the Auroplasty surgery procedure for your wellness and need successfully.

We at the auroplasty clinic continuously provide and get more customers needing Earlobe surgery. We have successfully practiced earhole treatment with higher success rates and positive word-of-mouth apprehension.

A special mention is needed to Dr Lalit Sharma, Poonam Sharma and their diligent team to make it happen, and they are always available whenever you experience ear problems.

With immense expertise, skill, and experience, earholerepair is the premier and reputed clinic to treat all earlobe problems with 100 % success rates and outstanding treatment procedures. The main aim and intention of the clinic is to give close to the best treatment for the earlobe. That is why we are regarded as the top treatment provider and are getting massive responses to how we go about the treatment procedure. To determine your treatment option, the team will examine your ears, including their placement, sizes and positioning, to check whether everything is on order.

Minimal Scarring After Procedure

The recommended and proven medical clinic such as earholerepair is an excellent testimony of world-class treatment and care you can only experience here.

We have seen many people complaining of earlobes, and we help them properly assess medical procedures and quickly solve their problems. Our biggest asset and success lies with the ever-prompt medical team, who are the motivation behind our global success and achievements. We are the top-notch medical service provider to treat people with advanced medical and cosmetic tools and techniques to ensure our esteemed clients have no complaints regarding their concerns. Hence, we become the most searched and demanded medical team that believes in quality work and raises the bar of medical services.