Ear Lobe Repair in Chennai

The ear is the area of the ear where earrings are most commonly worn. Ear piercing has long been a tradition in our culture as a way to accessorise with jewels. This originates from an area where getting young girls their piercings is customary.

Additionally, since the earlobes are only made of fat and skin and do not contain any hard cartilage. Like the rest of our skin, the earlobe suppleness, resilience, and skin quality all naturally vary with age. Patients who wear heavy earrings all their lives and opt to wear ear ear buttons. Years of wearing heavy earrings might leave you with an elongated ear piercing. Or even worse, you can get a fully split ear lobe. An earring may occasionally catch on clothing, and if you tug on it quickly, you could end up with a painfully ripped ear lobe. In rare circumstances, such as when an infant keeps pulling on a mother’s earring, damage may even result from ear injuries.

Nevertheless, there is a remedy for practically any issue these days! The earlobe is visible to everyone and is in a direct line of sight, thus its aesthetics must constantly be considered Our Ear Hole Repair Clinic provides earlobe repair technique to bring back the young appearance of the ears, regardless of the underlying reason of age.

If you’re also experiencing issues with your ear holes, such as tears or stretching, it’s advisable to included in this week consult with our doctors. The specialist can evaluate the problem and discuss potential solutions, which may include earlobe repair procedures. The healthcare professional can provide you guidance based on your specific situation and needs.

We have a really straightforward process. There are no stitches involved, and no surgery is performed. Yes, you heard it right earlobe repair without sutures is possible. We repair slit earlobes without surgery. It will just take 30 minutes to fix your large earlobe slits, and you won’t have to return for a second sitting. Once the healing process is finished, a fine line is seen, with time the line would go. If you wish, we can start a new hole and fully shut your extended hole on the same day.

On the same day, both ears can be treated. No dietary restrictions apply Before the procedure, you can eat as normal. Getting your ear holes pierced by an unlicensed physician and in beauty salons is risky and not safe! Many people who had their ear holes incorrectly poked by these self-styled individuals have suffered reopening of the holes, abscess production, and even ear lobe loss. In this situation, we advise you to get your ear hole repaired by a well qualified Doctor with expertise in auroplasty.

Get your earlobe repaired with India’s trusted ear lobe specialist experts at Earholerepair

1. Painless and no burning.
2. No sutures are needed.
3. The quick and painless treatment takes only a few minutes to complete.
4. It produces results that last and is reasonably priced.
5. It is risk-free since it has no adverse consequences.
6. On the same day as your earlobe repair, you can get your ears pierced once again.
7. Can be done for anyone.

Consult the highly acclaimed and vastly seasoned doctors at earholerepair for a quick and timely earlobe treatment


Following the necessary studies, anyone with an enlarged or torn ear lobe of any age even patients with diabetes and hypertension can have this procedure done.

DURATION: The duration of an earlobe repair procedure typically ranges from 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the complexity of the repair needed. However, the exact time may vary based on individual cases and the specific technique used by the doctor.

POST REPAIR CARE: We provide you with our medical and hypoallergenic earrings to wear for the initial 1-8 weeks post- earlobe repair. Avoid heavy materials to support proper healing. After earlobe repair, follow your specialist’s care instructions. This may include keeping the area clean, avoiding heavy earrings, and following a speciXic aftercare routine. If you notice any signs of infection or complications, contact your healthcare provider promptly.


One of the renowned clinics in Chennai offering knowledgeable and polished services is Ear Hole Repair. Our doctor, has been practicing in Chennai for the past 18 years! For those who wish to receive the best care and avoid trying new things, it is the most recommended option. From the moment a patient walks in until the treatment is over and the desired outcomes are evident, we offer the most thorough approach. Our services are the most reasonably priced in the vicinity. We believe in offering a one-time solution, thus we handle your treatment in a well-planned manner and only offer competent and efficient services.